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Lessons from History for the Here and Now: Thoughts Inspired by “When Muslims Admired the West and Were Admired Back”

I highly recommend reading this article (link below) by UCLA history professor Nile Green. We need to learn more from the lessons of history as we endeavour to forge mutually enriching ties between Muslims and the “western world” in the present. One of the…

For Charly Leundeu Keunang aka Charley Saturmin Robinet aka Brother Africa

Does a rose by any other name not smell as sweet? Does a person that goes by another name cease to be a child of Mother Earth? What do the words “serve” and “protect” mean? serve: to be a servant, a person who is…


Originally posted on A walk with my camera:
It’s exactly a month since disaster struck and now the government and news outfits have been heralding the news that normalcy is slowly being restored in the city. For downtown Tacloban with all the piles of…

1000 Gratitudes

A personal project to increase happiness by 30%

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