HOMEBOY 5K: Compassion, Hope & Kinship in Action

click on image for Our Homies’ Keepers team page

Dear friends,

At a time when a spirit of compassion, hope and kinship can seem elusive, Homeboy Industries is the living embodiment of these principles. There are few callings more noble than standing with the downtrodden and fighting for their right to tell their stories and have their voices be heard. To hear them is to be transformed by them. You feel it in your heart when you listen. At least that’s been my experience.

There are three amazing, fun, uplifting ways you can support this incredible cause:

1) Register to run, walk, skip, jump, dance or just move it by any means necessary to cover 5k (that’s 3.10686 miles, or about 6561.69 steps–sí, se puede!). And if you really wanna do it right, join team Our Homies’ Keepers.

2) Donate what you can to support Homeboy Industries’ work. Any amount helps. You can help me reach my personal fundraising goal or you can contribute to the Our Homies’ Keepers team goal (click image above to open team page).

3) Share this message on social media and help get the word out!

Much love and thanks!

– team captain, Our Homies’ Keepers

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