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Fists up. Confederates down.

Standing on the right side of history.

Lessons from History for the Here and Now: Thoughts Inspired by “When Muslims Admired the West and Were Admired Back”

I highly recommend reading this article (link below) by UCLA history professor Nile Green. We need to learn more from the lessons of history as we endeavour to forge mutually enriching ties between Muslims and the “western world” in the present. One of the…

Stop Islamophobia: a battle for public opinion

The following is a letter I wrote and posted to Larry Mantle’s Air Talk facebook page, in response to his coverage of the horrific events in San Bernardino. His is by no means the only voice promoting these harmful and erroneous views. People of…

Desperately needed: “Hearts as Big as Cities”

As a Spanish interpreter, I’m constantly in a position to have others speak through me. It’s an honor and a solemn duty to strive to convey their messages safely across cultural frontiers. While my work deals in the crossing of metaphorical borders, vast and…

A Dream Deferred, 2015

Deferred… no longer I. Invaded, Assaulted, Corralled, Shackled, Kidnapped. Dehumanized, Crammed, Shipped, Enslaved, Exploited. “Freed”, Indentured, Tricked, Caricatured, Betrayed. Lynched, Targeted, Humiliated, Demeaned, Railroaded. Profiled, Slandered, Patronized, Marginalized, Brutalized. Stopped, Frisked, Bullied, Clubbed, Incarcerated. Scapegoated, Feared, Hunted, Shot, Murdered. II. Unbroken, Inspiring, Beautiful, Hopeful,…

1000 Gratitudes

A personal project to increase happiness by 30%

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