Enter being

Who are you?
Are you the awareness of your awareness too?

Bounded only by the soft undulations of infinity gently unfolding eternally.
Tenderly always ever commencing, never quite verily ceasing.
Imperceptibly yet undeniably perpetually metamorphosing ultimately magnificently.
Joyfully carrying aloft the radiant torch of ancestors’ truehearted illumination.

Being you.
Shining true.
Nothing to do.
Il dolce far niente.
East embracing west.
Timeless wisdom at rest.
In humanity’s ample hammock.
Spirit’s springy sweet solaceful swing.

When will the essential you have come to?
How will you be knowing that to be is plenty?
With whom will you share this measureless bliss?
With a smile, a bow, a hug, a kiss.


Your thoughts here... :)

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