ode to Big Floyd

at 38th and Chicago dear brother you were senseless slain

your earthly kindred rise for you now fighting through the pain
that your barbaric execution shall not have been in vain

your folks will ever miss your glowing soul’s mortal domain
the bars you spit your smile and wit your hallmarks to remain

a parched hopeful humanity rising dances now for rain
as smoke billows seethe skyward forth from freedom’s fitful train

now you’re gone beckoning sweetly on is justice to attain
liberty elusive ever since forebears sundered chain

dreams drive diligence onward liberation our refrain
existence imbued with equity illumines our campaign

some proffer quixotic strategems of beasts now to retrain
yet social contract undergirding bears primeval stain

remembrance impels our goal of stopping pipeline’s wrathful drain
that posterity know harmony and righteousness sustain

at 38th and Chicago dear brother you were senseless slain

amalgamate sisters brothers now reanimate this terrain

– in loving solidarity,
  Dan Kaufman


  1. What a sensitive, compassionate and soulful human being you are, my dear friend! This is a very powerful and illuminating ode. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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