Back to the Present… and Beyond! :)

wolf moonMany eventful moons have passed since my last blog entry. Like many other dedicated adult educators, I ended up holding the unlucky (to not say shitty) end of the LAUSD budget-cuts stick. It’s said, however, that when one door is slammed shut in your face, another one opens. I essentially believe this, but I might just make a couple slight modifications. I think those new doors are out there to be opened, but we’ve gotta find them. And sometimes we have an overloaded keyring. And you know it’s usually the last key we try that finally does the trick. Or sometimes there’s a trick to opening that door that a friend can teach us. Alas, not to beat the metaphorical dead horse back to life… you get the idea.

While I’ve been able to continue teaching in a substitute capacity off and on, at this point I’ve begun in earnest my transition into the world of Spanish/English interpreting. It’s been exhilirating and challenging and all I hoped it could be. And best of all, I’ve found that while I may not be in a formal classroom setting any longer, the adult learning and teaching continues, and I LOVE IT!

The great up-and-coming singer-songwriter Joe Pug (one of my favorite artists doin’ his thang today) sings in a song he covers by Harvey Thomas Young called Deep Dark Wells that “As long as you’re not finished, you can start all over again.” Beautiful words to live by. And, hellz-to-tha-no, I ain’t finished yet! We jus’ gettin’ started up in here! 🙂 Stay up, y’all! 🙂

Your thoughts here... :)

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