Tragedy in Paris: A Lesson from Michael Jackson

From under the tragic stupor of the horrors unleashed in Paris, we are urgently ushered to foregone conclusions. The cheerleaders for maintaining the status quo work overtime to ensure blame’s proper placement and the enemy’s clear identification.

Every minute detail will be breathlessly dissected to write the history of now. The gallingly predictable might-makes-right, crime-and-punishment, eye-for-an-eye narratives that buttress all this madness are making their play for hearts and minds.

I am determined to not be counted among the unfortunate dupes of this insidious ruse. Above all, I wish to shout-out humanity, and to join the chorus of an alternative, hopeful narrative, one that we must write. As part of the soundtrack to this appeal to the best humanity has to offer, I submit Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”:


  1. I agree that we are “ushered to foregone conclusions” and I am constantly fighting against this. Thanks for letting me see your blog. You write well and have a beautiful gallery of pictures. I will check in from time to time.

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