Wake up, people! The emperor is buck-naked!

I posted the following on LA Times.com in response to Hector Tobar’s great article about Adult Ed:

Thank you for sharing such a personal and moving account. The onus is on all of us who want to see a human right to education flourish into the future to step up to defend all of Adult Ed in LA now! You put your finger right on the anti-immigrant bigotry that is, in part, fueling this attack. What other explanation could there be for slashing a program that serves 27% of students for 2% of the budget? The money is there! Wake up, people! The emperor is buck-naked! Billions upon billions for banks and CEOs, but basic human rights and social services get zilch?

Wow! What a surprise! A flurry of comments filled with racist vitriol from the same repugnant cracker-bigots you describe in your piece. (And yes, the Tea Party is as racist as the slave-owning, native-slaying founders they champion… and they do have a terrifying influence over official politics these days.) I’m sure they hound you at every turn, thinking “Why don’t you just go home, Hector!” as only the smallest of minds resort to such ahistorical nonsense. But see, that’s the problem with these people. Too much stayin’ at home. Home-schoolin’ shut-ins fearful of what might happen to them if they took their hateful ways out into the world. And now non-white birthrates surpass those of their “master race”… a real cause for concern for hate-mongers everywhere. But the world, and humanity, is far better than they are.