Who are the masters of Orwellian doublespeak behind “Parent Revolution”?

The following is my response to the LA Times OP-ED piece from 5/18/12:

A quick glimpse at the board of directors of Parent Revolution is quite revealing. They’re almost universally business people (that alone should make them education experts, right?), a lawyer that specializes in the defense of white-collar criminals (!!?) and some parent community activists (who perhaps do have the best intentions, but are nonetheless caught up with a real motley crew). Not a single actual classroom educator in the mix. Isn’t that telling? And who are their big funders? Eli Broad, Bill Gates, Rockefeller and others who are licking their chops at the notion of transitioning the free HUMAN RIGHT to public education for all to their dreams of education for profit. And they have the gall to decry CTA’s pool of money, which actually comes from the grassroots. I may have my differences with the union, but I will unflaggingly uphold its right to exist and to fight on behalf of students and teachers for a HUMAN RIGHT to FREE public education. Shame on the Times for publishing this thinly-veiled attempt at union busting. Next Tuesday, May 22 at 1pm we’re calling for everyone to help encircle the LAUSD headquarters with a “chain of letters” while the school board meets to decide the fates of Adult Ed, Early Childhood Ed and other essential programs, which they’re threatening to “zero out”. Visit saveadulted.org for more info, and get involved now, before it’s too late!

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