The LAUSD has more than enough $$$… what’s lacking is R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Here’s my comment on an article from the Contra Costa Times, dated 5/16/12:

LAUSD has more than enough money to fund Adult Ed… many times over. Simply re-routing a portion of their expenditures on “Other operating expenses” (a whopping $793 million) would cover it. Not to mention the fact that they’re sitting on the largest school construction bond fund in the history of humankind, at $19+ billion (I guess improving what you’ve already got isn’t as profitable as acquiring more land and building a new school every month). So it’s not a question of “Can they?” but a matter of “Do they want to?” Clearly they have shown that they don’t. And while it is in part due to the fact that our students are not children–therefore not deserving of a HUMAN RIGHT to education, in their minds–it also must be said that xenophobia and anti-immigrant bigotry are prominently in the mix, whether spoken or not. After all, immigrants comprise the largest portion of this 27% of LAUSD’s total student population. Under Obama, deportations have skyrocketed to new highs, and Guantanamo-style concentration camps have already been erected in Arizona. Nationwide, fascistic new anti-immigrant laws are on the rise, not unlike the one that was defeated several years back when millions marched to assert that immigrants are HUMAN BEINGS too. If we unite to fight to beat back these attacks, and raise our sights and struggle for this Human Right, we CAN WIN! Stay tuned to, and get involved today.

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