A false “choice”… let’s avoid all tragedies.

Reply to L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez’s article about Adult Education:

Thank you for helping the extraordinary voices of Adult Ed be heard. Anyone with a basic sense of humanity should recognize the lofty mission of these life-or-death programs. A teacher of GED prep classes in Huntington Park told me one of his students had to resort to selling his blood plasma to pay for his testing… and that the prices are now set to increase significantly. These are our friends and neighbors, people who have hard-earned life lessons to teach us which will exponentially enrich our lives. Next time you eat out, get your car washed or gaze upon a beautifully manicured landscape, think about the people who make all that happen for starvation wages, and ask yourself what THEIR dreams might be? And how might they hope to attain them? Adult Ed is every bit of the HUMAN RIGHT that your 3rd grader’s education is. So, we have to dispense with some false dichotomies and apparent “conflicts”. It’s not an either-or proposition. Truth is, we all need to be FIGHTING HELLACIOUSLY to save ALL of public education in this country. And the funds ARE there. Go ask the bankers who gambled the economy away in the first place. See, there’s no need for us to be fighting over crumbs when there’s more than enough to go around. And there will be if we take this up in earnest NOW. If not, it’ll be more than just the lessons of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Sal Castro that are lost. Get involved NOW at saveadulted.org!


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